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UnderDog Diesel

UnderDog Diesel Catch Can Kit for 2020+ L5P Duramax

UnderDog Diesel Catch Can Kit for 2020+ L5P Duramax


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We wanted to create a solution for the excessive oil in the PCV system that was being put back into the intake tract. Instead of routing the PCV to the atmosphere and losing the vacuum, we put together a catch can kit.


We had to specially source the fittings needed to be able to run this catch can as the L5P Duramax uses a rather large PCV hose, there was not a readily available catch can that would adapt to this hose right out of the box.


Our kit comes complete with a nice black braided nylon hose an AN fittings. On the connections to the intake horn & PCV box, we finish it off with a nice AN Hose finisher clamp.

The catch can comes with some brackets, and you are welcome to mount yours where you would like in range of the hoses. What we did, was took the top bracket, and drilled out one of the holes just slightly, so we could fit the battery hold down bolt through it and it mounts perfectly there. We are leaving this up to you.


Empty the can every so often under normal driving. Frequency depends on the amount of blow-by. We will not be held reliable for consequences of overfull cans. 

This may work on 17-19 L5P if you can find a place to mount it, but we can't guarantee. 

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