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G&R Diesel

Billet Aluminum Bottom Sump w/Integrated Return

Billet Aluminum Bottom Sump w/Integrated Return


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G&R Diesel Billet Aluminum Bottom Sump with Integrated Fuel Return System.
This system completely eliminates the need to run the return of your aftermarket fuel pump to the top of the tank or cut into the fuel filler neck, therefore cutting install time tremendously.
This sump also features "clamp in o-ring style seal" instead of the competitions " ring of bolts ".
To install this sump, you simply drill 1 hole into your tank ( hole saw included ), slip the clamp into the tank and bolt up the sump. This makes for a quick, easy, leak free bottom sump.
This sump includes other great features like a 1/2" NPT fuel feed outlet to supply even the biggest pumps on the market and 1/4" NPT drain should you ever need to drain your tank.
Everything including the hole saw and fittings needed to install is shipped with this kit.
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