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HP Tuners

HP Tuners - GM E41 ECM Upgrade Kit

HP Tuners - GM E41 ECM Upgrade Kit


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Upgrade Your E41 ECM Right in the Garage/Shop

The new E41 ECM Upgrade Kit gives DIY enthusiasts and professional tuners a convenient option to perform the ECM upgrade on their 2017+ Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 6.6L Duramax in their own garage/shop. The best part? There’s no need to remove the ECM from the truck. This means there’s no risk of breaking tabs during the removal or reinstallation process.

This kit also doesn’t require any reprogramming or relearns.

  • No IMMO relearn
  • No crank relearn
  • No need to perform “Replace ECM” function

From start to finish, you can upgrade your E41 ECM in roughly 20 minutes—all you need is this upgrade kit, your MPVI2+ (with Pro Feature Set) or MPVI3 device (with its supplied USB A to C cable), and a VCM Suite-compliant computer with the latest version of VCM Suite BETA.

Once the ECM is upgraded, experience the industry’s most comprehensive diagnostics and tuning package using VCM Suite with full scan, data log, read, edit, and write capabilities. Plus, experience the quickest write times in the industry—approximately 6 minutes!


Ready to upgrade your E41 ECM? Here are the detailed installation instructions. Please read these instructions carefully so you can successfully perform the upgrade.

If you experience any problems, please submit a support ticket.


  • This kit is not compatible with MPVI or MPVI2 devices. Only MPVI2+ (with Pro Feature Set upgrade) and MPVI3 devices work with this kit.
  • An ECM E41 upgrade is required for tuning on 2017+ Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 6.6L Duramax trucks (L5P and L5D applications).
  • HP Tuners’ existing E41 ECM services are still available here.
  • No reprogramming or relearns are required using this kit.
  • After upgrading, each vehicle still needs to be licensed for (8) Universal Credits. Credits are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately.
  • At this time, the GM E41 ECM Upgrade Kit is only available in the US/Canada at this time.
  • What’s in the kit?
    • HPTNet cable
    • Upgrade box
    • Upgrade cable
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